Border Security is Essential!

We must adopt a comprehensive approach to border security

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We firmly believe that addressing the challenges posed by our outdated and dysfunctional immigration system is necessary alongside enhancing border security.

To achieve this, we need an all-encompassing border-security strategy:

  1. Strategic Placement of Barriers: Implementing barriers in strategic locations to effectively control the flow of unauthorized crossings.
  2. Modernized Technology and Infrastructure: Upgrading our technological capabilities and infrastructure to bolster surveillance, detection, and response mechanisms at the border.
  3. Augmented Personnel: Increasing the number of well-trained personnel dedicated to border security while also improving retention rates to ensure a strong and capable workforce.
  4. Offshore Protection Opportunities: Facilitating opportunities for individuals to seek protection outside the United States, alleviating overcrowding at our borders.
  5. Strengthened Asylum System: Hiring additional immigration judges and asylum officers, and implementing a "last-in-first-out" approach during migration surges to guarantee timely and thorough consideration of asylum claims, discouraging frivolous or baseless applications.
  6. Expanded Legal Pathways: Expanding legal pathways for migration and streamlining existing ones to provide migrants with viable alternatives to seeking asylum.

By adopting such a comprehensive border-security strategy, our federal government can concentrate on safeguarding the safety, security, and order of our nation by effectively addressing risks to national security and upholding the rule of law.